Our REST API is usually the solution for platforms we don't support directly. See here.

If you have your users tagged with a unique userID (sh_cuid) in Pointzi, then you can add/remove/update/export to your external system.

Make Pointzi working with segment.io (IOS)

1. After segment initialisation, simply pass segment anonymousId into Pointzi/Streethawk register function

[StreetHawk registerInstallForApp:<appKey> segmentId:[[SEGAnalytics sharedAnalytics] getAnonymousId] withDebugMode:YES];

2. Pointzi/StreetHawk provides a SHInstallRegistrationSuccessNotification to inform notification center about initialisation of SDK is done. Therefore, please register a notification as

[[NSNotificationCenter defaultCenter] addObserver:self selector:@selector(installRegisterSuccessHandler:) name:SHInstallRegistrationSuccessNotification object:nil];

3. Please call segment api such as sending traits in the callback function installRegisterSuccessHandler

- (void)installRegisterSuccessHandler:(NSNotification *)notification
   //Sample code to send segment traits after Streethawk is ready
   [[SEGAnalytics sharedAnalytics] identify:@"myuser@acme.com"
                                              @"sh_cuid": @"myuser@streethawk",
                                              @"email": @"myuser@acme.com",
                                              @"gender": @"male",
                                              @"phone": @"+14088123123"